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Our Netball Season


12 September 2022 14:00-15:30

Results of our Netball teams for the 2022 season

Our Netball was the toughest season so far, but our teams did very well and achieved great results. The development, dedication and sportsmanship we have witnessed as coaches over the last few months is astonishing.

Our teams have worked hard they have played hard, and they have made us VERY PROUD!

Alex Morgan once said “Always work hard, never give up, and fight until the end because it’s never really over until the whistle blows.”

This is what our teams have shown in every single game they have played in.


Farrarmere vs Southdowns College:

U/10 Won 5-1
U/11 Won 11-2
U/12 Won 17-4
U/13 Won 13-2

Farrarmere Primary vs Rynfield Primary

U/10 A Won 5-2
U/10B Won 14-4
U/11 A Won 16-5
U/11 B Won 14-1
U/12 A Won 23-5
U/12 B Won 19-5
U/13 A Lost 8-10
U/13 B Won 20-0

Our girls did extremely well at the St Dominic's Netball Tournament our teams all placed in final Top 2.

U10A-1st, U10B- 2nd, U/11A-1st,U11B-1st, U12A-1st and U12B-1st

Our U/13 Netball teams represented our school at the St Andrews tournament and had great results and game time.

Farrarmere Netball Girls dominated in our blue once again at the Woodhill College tournament as well.

2022 being our year for new beginnings and horizons, our U/12 Netball team has qualified for the Gauteng play offs for Fast Five Netball Hoops. We are super proud of these girls and wish them the best of luck for the 17th of September!

Keep your eyes on our page to see what the end result for our 2022 season will be.

Our Netball Team

Meet our team led by Mrs Martinaglia who is the drive behind netball at Farrarmere. Most of our teams are still playing action netball as well and they are always working hard to improve on their skills and love for the game!

Our Netball Team

U13 - Mrs Stevens and Ms Muller

U12 - Mrs Coutinho and Mrs Martinaglia

U11 - Ms Hunkin and Mrs Jankowitz

U10 - Mrs Martinaglia and Ms Hoffman

Need any information about our Netball season please contact Mrs Martinaglia